Up Walk

Taken down the street from the Quebec Parliament building in between the "Haute Ville" and "Basse Ville" (Upper city and Lower city) of Quebec City.

Idea Luconoe

An Idea Luconoe This picture won the March 2011 Photography contest and a professional Photo Forum www.ThePhotoForum.com

Hand of Green

Fluorescent green paint, black light, plastic wrap and awesome model.

Neon Camouflage

Two black neons as lighting and fluorescent paints to accomplish the effect. The paints where first mixed in with a little water and quinine as well as a glow in the dark base. Those last two give a greenish glow, adjust for that. The colours were applied using a spray bottle (liquid purple undercoat) and a toothbrush for the other colours. Both a flicking, tapping and brushing motion was used to apply. The hair colour was accomplished by literally pouring a liquide red mix onto the model's head and rubbing the paint along the hair, through meshes. The model was kept warm using a heat lamp, which also helped the paints dry quickly.

Pride Lands

A Cat does not know he is a cat. A Cat just wants to conquer.

A place to go, away from the Snow

View of the "Jardin Ste-Anne" hotel within Quebec City's Fortified City at night during a small snow storm.